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SWEBELUX-NOBELUX has offices in

Stockholm • Luxembourg • Brussels

Welcome to the SWEBELUX-NOBELUX Chamber of Commerce!

SWEBELUX-NOBELUX Chamber of Commerce is the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and in Luxembourg. The Chamber of Commerce is also acting as the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in these countries.

The Chamber of Commerce was founded in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1997 in order to create a high level networking platform for its members and to assist Swedish and Nordic companies to find new business contacts, to establish their businesses and to develop new or their existing businesses in these two countries. We are a meeting place for business contacts, social networking and marketing, we are also a local resource for companies.

SWEBELUX-NOBELUX Chamber of Commerce is an independent membership organization and we are in close cooperation with the public authorities and other official organizations that are interested in fostering business, trade and economic relations for business development.

The Chamber of Commerce offers companies all the services and support that is needed to establish a company, its products or ideas in these markets, or to develop their businesses on these markets. Our main objective is to establish a qualified meeting place for our members, to offer companies the opportunities to promote their businesses and to identify new business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises which have the potential to grow internationally. We, therefore, support companies from Sweden and the other Nordic countries to enter the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

The Chamber’s objectives are to:

  • provide a  qualified networking platform for its members
  • provide a platform for members to exchange knowledge and experiences, to get informed about new developments on the market,  to promote and profile their businesses within our network
  • represent the business interests of its members towards the local authorities and administrations.
  • provide tailor-made business services to companies (members and non-members) that are searching for business contacts or partners, wishing to set up a new  business or to develop existing business in any of the countries we are working with.

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CEO Gender Equality Conference

The New Forum for leaders who are committed to increasing gender diversity and inclusion in their organizations

21 June 2018, Luxembourg

Nordic and Luxembourg based CEOs and Board Members as well as other experts will share their views, practical experiences, findings and goals on the gender equality issues.

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