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Business services

We provide tailor-made help and assistance to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Some of the services are provided in cooperation with other experts among our member companies.

  • Search for new business contacts or partners (agent, distributor or any other types of business contacts)
  • Assistance in setting up a business : we provide tailor-made solutions according to each client’s specific needs
  • Assistance in setting up holding companies and funds (we can assist you in establishing own representation structure or through other local partners/agents).
  • Market analysis (useful information which can help you to consider your business strategy before entering the new market)
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Relocation services (we provide all the help and assistance needed, in finding an office or housing as well as handling all the related registration and administration tasks required)
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, business forums, business meetings and other PR-related activities (we can assist in organizing such events according to individual company needs)
  • Organization of study trips (these can often be of great help to get useful information about the market or a specific area of business, find out if it there is really a market for your product(s) and establish interesting contacts with potential partners or clients)
  • V.A.T recuperation (we assist companies to recover V.A.T in any of these countries)